With the same attention we give to ourselves and our family, at iConic Resort you will have the guarantee that every person inside the property has been acknowledged and authorized.

Every guest will have the certainty that the location is completely dedicated to his/her exclusive relaxation and peace of mind that no other place can give. Unlike the majority of businesses, at iConic Resort every entrance and exit is always safeguarded by our personnel.

The people who host you and protect you are part of a family inside its property, offering you all the wellness and security needed. This is our philosophy on welcoming that is represented by the iConic Resort logo: the letter “H” of the ancient Egyptian alphabet. And we want to thank our close friend Stefano, who came up with this special intuition.

Its shape, with a little bit of imagination, is reminiscent of the characteristics of a small harbor and its dock.

The combination of symbolism and meaning inspired Barbara and Paolo to use this letter as a symbol of family, since “H” is the first letter of the word “harbor” and “home”.

It is our metaphor of a protected place, like a harbor for boats, and a home for people, a safe place for everyone in the world, a true place of happiness and protection where we want to return, welcoming its family and its guests.

This is the symbol that you will see waving on the flag at our entrance, on the welcoming gong and other places.

Logo iconig grigio