iConic Club has opened recently but is already considered a reference point. It’s reserved to exclusive people that enjoy playing cards, chat with a drink and benefit from a complete and high quality Wellness Center.

In order to be part of this exclusive iConic Club, it is necessary to have important qualifications, not only economical: being well integrated in companies, with references, pass interviews and being on the waiting list.

No ties, but tablets on and informal conversation: this is the club for new ladies and gentlemen from Arezzo of the third Millennium, where meeting new people really matters without forgetting body and soul care. Exclusive but informal, reserved but trendy: here it’s more important to be than to appear, and new ideas are worth more than an expensive suit.

Once you are eligible, you will be part of a dynamic and up-to-date elite, where tradition and technology, nobility and initiative, assets and ideas go hand in hand.

For sure it’s not within everyone’s reach, we guarantee the contact with that small fraction of people that really matter: VIPs and captains of industry, artists and politicians, aristocrats and luminaries.

What maybe you didn’t expect is to see them chatting at the table in front of a drink, with laptops on and casual clothes.

New elites are more flexible and informal, they rewrite rules and create new ones: say goodbye to the image of nobles closed in a room with boiserie on the walls, drinking tea in absolute silence sitting on heavy leather armchairs.

An epochal transformation has begun some years ago in London with some exclusive clubs; today it has reached Arezzo.